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4K Video Downloader can help you download video with ease
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If you usually download video from the Internet, 4K Video Downloader can help you do it with ease. Probably its major advantage is its extremely low size and memory footprint while at the same time it is very stable and reliable. Perhaps this comes from that it's open source, which ensures that it is in constant development.

The program has a simple and unsophisticated interface, however, this simplicity can surely become a great advantage for beginners. In order to create a new download job, it will be enough to copy and paste the desired video URL. Regrettably, however, it cannot monitor your browser for downloadable contents, and even worse, you cannot type the URL directly.

Fortunately, it detects all available qualities from the site and lets you choose one of them. Additionally, you can also download just the audio track from a clip. One excellent feature included in this new version is that it allows downloading video subtitles, and in case multiple languages are available, it is also possible to choose the desired one.

This downloader also has the so-called “Smart Mode”, which you can use to set a standard configuration for all your downloads and thus avoid having to configure the same parameters whenever you start a new job.

In general, 4K Video Downloader lets you carry your favorite videos right in your pocket, as it supports multiple formats readily compatible by portable devices. It may not be the best video downloader around, still you may feel very comfortable while using it.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • It is very light
  • It is robust
  • It is very easy to use
  • It can download subtitles in the desired language
  • It supports downloading videos with the desired qualities
  • It can extract audio from video


  • It cannot monitor web browsers for downloadable contents
  • It has a reduced set of configurable parameters
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